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مطالب تصادفی
The ‘Ahd Supplication is one of the famous devotions that it has been emphasized on its recitation in Imam of the Age`s occultation period (pbuh).
One of the raised questions for the Twelver Shias, who believe in the living and disappeared Imam is about the residing place of Imam Mahdi (p.b.u.h) during the Major Occultation. In response to such a question, some put forward a suggestion i.e. "Khaḍrāʼ Island" as the place of residence of
One of the most important achievements of Imam Mahdi's appearance is to form a global government, which means a transnational, trans-regional and trans-ethnic government. In this approach, the extent of Imam Mahdi's ruling moreover all Islamic tribes and clans, includes all other religions and nations of the world. Hence due
Imam Mahdi (p.b.u.h) is the Imam of believers from all social strata; and on the other hand, naturally, many people are not capable of using the argumentation of Imamology. Hence, for ordinary people, a simple way for having a better understanding of the Imam and making a better image of
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